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What is I-LINC?

I-LINC is the online portal is the go-to for anyone with a professional role and interest in the topic of youth employability and entrepreneurship and how it can be enhanced through formal, non-formal or informal ICT education. The aim of the portal is to build an online community around a wide range of high quality resources, information, knowledge, news, events and networking tools.

Who can join I-LINC?

Anybody interested in issues related to the topic of ICT (for) learning and inclusion and employability and entrepreneurship capacities of young people.

Is it free to join I-LINC?

Yes, joining and using I-LINC services is free.

How do I join I-LINC?

You can join I-LINC by going to the registration page and signing up.

Why should I join the I-LINC platform?

After registering as a user to the platform, you can use all the tools the platform has to offer. You can register your organisation as a stakeholder. You can share your events, best practices, articles and other resources that you would like others to know about. We also organise online and offline events and offer our users and their audiences opportunities that you as a user will be aware of.

How do I become an I-LINC stakeholder?

After registering as a user (or signing in) to the I-LINC platform, you are welcome to fill in information about your organisation and become an I-LINC stakeholder.

Why become an I-LINC stakeholder?

As a stakeholder you can connect with other stakeholders and promote your organisation, its activities and events to all I-LINC visitors. The rest of stakeholders would be able to contact you in order to share project, ideas, best practices and some other resources of interest.

How can I connect with other stakeholders in fields of my interest?

Stakeholders information can be found in the database through keywords, when identifying stakeholders you would like to connect with, you would find more information by clicking the "contact information" where it would be seen either the email address or the website for contacting.

How can I participate to the Wikinclusion?

The Wikinclusion is a discussion page that aims at bringing together young people, policy-makers, youth organisations, teachers, and any other stakeholder interested in youth employability and entrepreneurship.




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