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  • For-profit social business/cooperative
  • Informal network; citizen project; social movement
  • Non-governmental organisation (NGO); association; foundation/charitable organisation; community organisation (e.g. youth club)
  • Non-profit training centre/educational institution
  • School (primary school; secondary school; high school; technical school; vocational school)
  • Other public education institutions (e.g. adult education centre; public telecentre)
  • Youngsters (14-18 years)
  • Young adults (18-30 years)
  • Persons with average ICT-skills
  • Migrants
  • Women/Girls
  • Men/Boys
  • Unemployed people
  • Teachers and trainers
  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • High schools
  • Public institutions in informal education (e.g. telecentres; public adult education centres; libraries)
  • Civil society and third sector organizations
  • Entrepreneurs/Start-Ups
  • The general public
  • Learning content (e.g. Open Educational Resources such as MOOCs)
  • Cooperative spaces and social networking
  • Self-assessments for competences; skills (e.g. eAssessments/ePortfolios)
  • Publications
  • Trainings; courses; seminars; workshops
  • Networking
  • Yes; all activities are free of charge.
  • 1.000 - 10.000 people
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VITA XXI is a small consultancy group focussed on education for sustainability. Vita XXI develops tailored - made solutions for project and clients on educational and environmental sectors since having a wide range of experts and a professionals network to deal with detected needs or programmes.  We have been involved in the environmental education sector since 2005 managing an environmental volunteer program in Natura 2000 sites in Murcia Region (Spain). We also participated on international and European projects ( p.e Grundtvig) and also with other organizations we have participated on Lessons from nature ( ) Project ( Comenius multilateral project)  and recently on Green Entrepreneurs Europe (GEE), an Erasmus plus project. Since both mentioned projects are now over, VITA XXI is promoting them as they are open educational resources (OER) supporting project dissemination after the end of the project due to its relevance in education and particularly on education for sustainability which is  VITA XXI's main working line.  Other international cooperation projects had enhanced our experience in both sectors ( Education and Environment) and we keep on looking for new projects this main working line.

GEE is only on its first step and our Erasmus plus Consortia will be happy to see the interest and new initiatives based on GEE educational resources, which is the main reason to be with I- LINK, apart from their interest in promoting entrepreneurial education.

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Themes: Entrepreneurship THEMES: Digital skills Entrepreneurship Youth employment Learning
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